About Us

Our mission is to support and encourage young people to become the best they can be.

Our vision is to utilize the power of sports/arts to provide access to a wide range of vocational qualifications and skill based training programs that will aid in the search for paid work. Our vision is that with our help these young people who are struggling to find employment will become more rounded individuals and in stronger positions to take up new career challenges.  With almost one million young people out of work, youth unemployment is the single biggest threat to the future prosperity of our country.

We invest in youth and encourage them to be community champions!

Who are we?

The aim of the Foundation is to provide and develop life and personal skills to 16- 25 year olds not in education or employment, young people at risk and single parents wanting to return to work, through sport, activity and education to aid in their employability.


There is a growing body of evidence that highlights the potential of sport as a tool for broader development. Recent studies undertaken by thought leaders in the field of sport for development show the potential  of sport to  combat a wide range of social ill.. However there is consensus that more rigorous data is needed to fully attribute causality in sport practices and their correlation with social development it has come very evident that sport has the ability to change, shape and focus a person. It is no longer just a way to spend ones spare time. It has its own purpose and a much deeper laying importance and a way of teaching the participant some of life’s most important  lessons without them even realizing.  Knowledge is power and knowledge is gained through education. This education can be in the form of formal study, qualifications or via workshops and mentoring sessions.  These skills will aid in forming a more rounded more complete person and in turn a more employable person.